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Lacquer Boxes

Russian lacquer painting
In Russia, as a kind of art, lacquer painting took shape later that in Europe. Of course, each country developed its own individual style in lacquer painting which for example, manifested itself in the choice and interpretation of them and in the peculiarities of decor. Having mastered the achievements of foreign enterprises, Russian lacquer painting became a kind of art peculiar for its national originality.
Components for lacquer painting are created from papier-mashe and the technology of its production does not change for more that two centuries. The object's body, bottom and lid are made separately. Then all those parts are joined together, primed, dried and processed on the joiner's bench. The next stage is dyeing of the object. As a rule, from the outside, it is painted by the black dye, and from the inside - by the red dye. Then the object is covered by several layers of transparent lacquer and after that is dried. Now the object is ready for painting.
Russian Lacquer Boxes are beautiful lacquer miniature works of art that gained worldwide appreciation and are highly sought after, created by the most talented Russian artists. These small and distinctive treasures come from Russian villages of Fedoskino, Palekh, Kholui, and Mstera. The miniature paintings on Lacquered boxes usually feature fairy tale themes, as well as country life, troikas, and landscapes. You can choose from a completely handmade and hand-painted one-of-a-kind collector's item signed by an artist or a lacquer box with a stunning print of a miniature masterpiece.

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