This coffeecup and saucer set is a part of the Tulip Cobalt Net coffee set, one of the most famous sets, produced by Imperial Porcelain. The set is based on the very first Russian porcelain coffee set, created in the 18th century for Empress Elizabeth and earned a gold medal in the 1958 World's Fare in Brussels.

Made in Russia
Made by Imperial Porcelain Factory
Material 22k gold, porcelain
Set Contains coffee cup and saucer
Capacity Coffee Cup - 4.7 fl oz (140 ml)
Diameter Saucer - 6'' (15 cm)
Author Shape - S. Yakovleva
Pattern - A. Yatskevich
Additional Information Shape: Tulip
Collection: Cobalt Net

Tulip Cobalt Net Coffee cup w/ Saucer

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