Russia is famous for many unique products, but none are as bright and cheerful as wool and silk scarves and shawls from a small town in central Russia, called Pavlovsky Posad. Both in Russia and abroad, these shawls have become among the best-recognized symbols of the Russian culture. The reason for such great popularity of these products is simple, as they are always completely hand-made, are of the highest possible quality, and always look absolutely stunning in their bold and varied, yet always stylish and tasteful color schemes. Centuries have passed, since the first shawls have seen the light of day in Pavlovsky Posad, but the popularity of these works of art never wavers, as these shawls are as popular now, as they were throughout the whole existence of this unique and proud craft!


Made in Russia
Made by Pavlovo-Posad Shawl Manufacturers
Material 100% silk
Author Tatiana Sukharevskaya
Dimensions 35 x 35'' (89 x 89 cm)
Picture / color blue
Color may vary Shades and hues you see on the monitor may vary depending on your settings.

Saint Petersburg Pavlovo Posad Silk Scarf

SKU: 10025-5