This authentic Russian hat, known in Russian as an ushanka hat, is a must-have for any cold weather! This hat was the official winter head wear of the Soviet police and military, so you know it's the warmest a winter hat can get. Ushankas got their name from the Russian word for "ear," since they feature flaps designed to keep ears warm. This men's hat is brand new and comes straight from a military factory. It's an elegant choice for city and business wear, as well as for skiing and other winter sports. With the flaps tied up on top of the hat or worn down over your ears, this ushanka is a stylish, well-tailored accessory that is warm, fashionable, and is offered at a great price!

Size XL
Gender Women, Men
Made in Russia
Material fake  fur
Size 61 (XL)
Picture / color black
Color may vary Shades and hues you see on the monitor may vary depending on your settings.

Russian Hat with Ear Flaps (Ushanka Hat) (Black)

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