Delicate Cobalt Net  highlights pristine snow-white surface of a high-quality egg-shell bone china giving this tea set a sophisticated look of elegant, aesthetically flawless porcelain products. Imperial Porcelain Factory, which was founded in Saint Petersburg in 1744, is the only company that produces thin and durable precious bone china in Russia.

Made in Russia
Made by Imperial Porcelain Factory
Material bone china, 22k gold
Set Contains 6 teacups, 6 saucers, 1 teapot, and 1 sugar bowl
Capacity Teapot - 47.3 fl oz (1.4 L)
Sugar Bowl - 12.2 fl oz (360 ml)
Teacup - 10 fl oz (300 ml)
Diameter Saucer - 4.7'' (12 cm)

Cobalt Net Bone China 14 pcs Tea Set for 6 persons

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