The Cobalt Net design is the true calling card for the Imperial Porcelain Factory! This design was developed over half-a-century ago by the company's artist, Anna Yatskevich. The cobalt net set, brought to the Brussels World Fair in 1958 received the gold medal, beating every one of the world's best porcelain makers. This Russian Imperial porcelain design is based on the XVIII century porcelain set, called "Sobstvenny" ("Personal"), made by the creator of the Russian porcelain industry, Dmitry Vinogradov for Empress Elizabeth.

Made in Russia
Made by Imperial Porcelain Factory
Material 22k gold, porcelain
Set Contains 1 coffee pot, 1 sugar bowl, 6 coffee cups, 6 plates, 6 saucers
Capacity Coffee Pot - 40.6 fl oz (1.2 L);
Sugar Bowl - 15.2 fl oz (450 ml);
Coffee cup - 4.7 fl oz (140 ml)
Diameter Plate - 7.1'' (18 cm);
Saucer - 6'' (15 cm)
Author Anna Yatskevich
Additional Information Shape: Tulip
Collection: Cobalt Net

Cobalt Net 20 pc. Coffee Set for 6 persons

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