Bells make the perfect pattern for any piece of Russian porcelain, especially Imperial Porcelain. This mug's snow white background beautifully contrasts with dark blue bells and golden stars, creating a vivid image of a wondrous, starry night and a magical sound of bells floating down a mist-hugged summer hill, keeping guard over a many centuries-old stone church, awaiting its evening service attendees. The rich history of the Imperial Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg will further add value to this pair for those who collect or simply appreciate fine china.

Made in Russia
Made by Imperial Porcelain Factory
Material 22k gold, porcelain
Capacity Mug - 12.1 fl oz (360 ml)
Diameter Saucer - 6.3'' (16 cm)
Author Shape - E. Krimmer
Picture / color decal with hand-painted accent elements
Additional Information Shape: Leningrad
Collection: Traditional

Bells Mug w/ Saucer

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