Hand made in Russia: KRASNIY OKTYABR'


A set of candies "Favorite" from the factory "Red October" - 12 exquisite varieties of  handmade, glazed  white and dark chocolates.A delicious assortment that brings together our most popular flavours. Flavours include  marzipan, tender praline, and many others, which make the tastes of juicy fruits, sticky caramel, pistachios and chocolate. Packed in a bright tin box with an image of a peacock with an open tail. This pattern is borrowed from the historical collection box of the Einem Copmany. Peacock is  a symbol of longevity and wealth.


Candy number 2 - rosette of milk chocolate, covered with darkchocolate/ two-layer filling of dark and light chocolate cream.
Candy number 4 - waffle nut coated with dark chocolate with almond cream / whole almond inside.
Candy number 5 -  light praline with crushed nuts, covered with white chocolate and decorated with an exquisite sugar flower.
Candy number 15 - bitter chocolate with a delicate pink-yellow filling with  brandy.
Candy number 17 -  chocolate and nut cream with orange slices, glazed with dark chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate flakes.
Candy number 18 - pistachio cream / brandy and crushed roasted pistachio, glazed with dark chocolate.
Candy number 21 - chocolate cream with cinnamon and cognac, covered with dark chocolate/ elegant decoreted  white chocolate.
Candy number 26 - dark chocolate with fruit filling / vodka.
Candy number 27 - dark chocolate / fruit / lemon and vodka.
Candy number 28 - a delicate chocolate cream with cognac and cinnamon, glazed with bitter chocolate. The dome of the candy is covered with crispy coffee flakes.
Candy number 29 - a bar of delicate chocolate and nut cream with aromatic orange zest, glazed with white chocolate in a sprinkle of coffee crisps.
Candy number 32 is a dark chocolate diamond candy filled with soft caramel and cognac.


298*218*40 мм. 

A Box of Handmade Dark Chocolates FAVORITE 530gr

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