Made in Russia : KRASNIY OKTYABR'



A gift set of chocolates made by the Red October Factory/ i a box styled as an old painted box. Such chestes were made by hand at the Red October in the early twentieth century. A modern version is  the winner of the international competition "ProdExtraPack 2015", as well as the winner of the grand prize of the tasting competition World Food 2013
Inside: hand made and hand decorated chocolates, made by the best craftsmen of the legendary factory. A rich collection of toppings: from delicate creams to flowing liquors,  almonds, pistachios, wild and garden berries, tropical citrus and their various combinations. Exquisite and generous gift for any holiday!


Candy number 18 (4 pcs.) - pistachio cream with  brandy and crushed roasted pistachio, glazed with dark chocolate.
Candy number 27 (4 pcs.) - Dark chocolate filled with fruit, lemon and vodka.
Candy number 39 (6 pcs.) - whole hazelnut kernel, shrouded in light cream and covered with dark chocolate.
Candy number 40 (4 pcs.) - truffle cream in dark chocolate with the whole almonds inside.
Candy number 42 (4 pcs.) - dark chocolate with the original chocolate-milk/ figreen tea.
Candy number 43 (4 pcs.) - dark chocolate with chocolate-milk-coffee filling.
Candy № 44 (4 pcs.) - dome-shaped chocolates from chocolate milk cream with crushed cherries and cognac, glazed with dark chocolate and chocolate flakes.
Candy number 45 (4 pcs.) - a cube of dark chocolate filled with chocolate-milk cream/ brandy
Candy number 47 (4 pcs.) - soft cream bitter chocolats.
Candy number 48 (2 pcs.) - soft cream white chocolates.
Candy number 50 (6 pcs.) - dark chocolate with a milky-liquor filling based on lemon liqueur.
Candy number 51 (4 pcs.) - dark chocolate with a milky-liquor filling with cherry liqueur.

Package size: 440 * 175 * 45 mm.

A Box of Handmade Dark Chocolates A LITTLE CHEST 520gr

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